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About PAC

Penrith Anglican College is a co-educational day Pre-K to 12 school committed to academic excellence and growth in Christian values. The Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation established Penrith Anglican College in 1998. In that year it had 132 students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 7, with a teaching staff of eight and a total staff of twelve. In 2016, the school has over 1,300 students across Pre-K to 12.

As well as all past cohorts our 2015 graduating students again received excellent results in both the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Higher School Certificate examinations.

2015 Results

  • 21% of Year 12 students achieved ATARs over 90
  • 37% of Year 12 students achieved ATARs over 80
  • Jessica Gooch (IB) achieved a perfect score and an ATAR of 99.5
  • Rowan Faint received HSC First in Course award for Mathematics

2014 Results

  • 9.5% of Year 12 students achieved ATARs over 90
  • 33.5% of Year 12 students achieved ATARs over 80
  • 55.5% of Year 12 students achieved an ATAR over 70
  • 79% of Year 12 were offered either early placement or main round offers to university

What makes Penrith Anglican College a great school?


  • A very clear Christ-centred focus
  • The teaching of Christian values
  • Strong foci on academics and the pastoral care of students
  • The achievements of staff are acknowledged
  • There is an appreciation that education is a life long endeavour
  • Policies match practice.


  • Students have a sense of pride and ownership in PAC
  • Students take responsibility for their learning and give of their best
  • There are opportunities for students to step outside their known environments
  • Students value each other
  • Students have access to the latest technology.


  • There is strong leadership and a clear vision
  • Staff are competent, innovative, compassionate and co-operative
  • Staff recognise individual differences in students
  • Staff affirm the achievements of students.


  • There are clear communication lines between staff, parents and students
  • PAC is very well resourced
  • There is a strong welfare policy
  • It is an aesthetically pleasing environment
  • There are strong support services at the College.