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Tabitha Program

The Tabitha Program was developed by Penrith Anglican College to encourage the development of active, caring and skilled people who, as a way of life, think of and serve others.

The program is named after Tabitha in Acts 9 of the Bible, who was a disciple recorded as always “doing good and helping the poor.” She clearly had a heart for service. The program is a two-year program for HSC students in Years 11 and 12. The program requires:

  • 2 service electives
  • 1 personal development elective
  • 1 action elective and
  • 2 free choice electives

These electives are divided into three categories:

  • Action – physical activities
  • Personal Development – learning and gaining a skill
  • Service – serving others in the community

At the completion of the program, students are awarded their Tabitha Diploma. Students who continue to serve outside of school have the opportunity to receive a Tabitha Diploma with Honours.

It is hoped that the Tabitha Program will be a life-changing program motivated by the College’s motto “To Serve Christ”.

For further information on the Tabitha Program, please contact the Tabitha Coordinator, Miss Alison Menzies.