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Why Enrol at PAC?

What makes Penrith Anglican College a great school?


  • A very clear Christ-centred focus
  • The teaching of Christian values
  • Strong foci on academics and the pastoral care of students
  • The achievements of staff are acknowledged
  • There is an appreciation that education is a life long endeavour
  • Policies match practice.


  • Students have a sense of pride and ownership in Penrith Anglican College
  • Students take responsibility for their learning and give of their best
  • There are opportunities for students to step outside their known environments
  • Students value each other
  • Students have access to the latest technology.


  • There is strong leadership and a clear vision
  • Staff are competent, innovative, compassionate and co-operative
  • Staff recognise individual differences in students
  • Staff affirm the achievements of students.


  • There are clear communication lines between staff, parents and students
  • Penrith Anglican College is very well resourced
  • There is a strong welfare policy
  • It is an aesthetically pleasing environment
  • There are strong support services at the College.