You should not save your password information on public or shared computers

1:1 Learning Program

1:1 Learning Program refers to technology models where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning.

At Penrith Anglican College we strive for personal excellence. Our vision is to develop our students to take responsibility for their learning.

1:1 Learning in a Nutshell

  • All students in Years 5 – 12 participate in 1:1 Learning
  • Devices are compulsory at school each day
  • Before purchasing devices please read minimum specifications document
  • Students and Parents must read, sign and return the User Agreement before they begin 1:1 Learning
  • Education about Cybersafety, Office 365, CANVAS and other essential software will be conducted at school.

1:1Learning Parent Handbook

1:1 Learning User Agreement

1:1 Learning Device Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can my child access at school from their personal device(s)?

Once connected to the wireless network, students will be able to access all Penrith Anglican College online resources as if they were at home. These include CANVAS (the school’s eLearning portal), the Internet, school based files, printers, student email, OneDrive online applications and storage.

Will my child’s Internet usage be monitored at school?

Students’ Internet access is logged and monitored whilst they are using the Penrith Anglican College wireless network. Some Internet sites such as malicious, phishing, spyware and social media AND “adult” sites are also filtered.

Can my child charge their device at school?

Students should ensure that their device is fully charged before bringing it to school. It must be available for any class and devices brought to school by students should have a genuine 6+ hour battery life (see the Specifications).

How should the device be transported to school and around the College?

Students’ devices should always be contained in a suitable protective & waterproof sleeve or cover and located in their school bag when traveling to and from the College. Around the College, we also recommend that students keep their devices in their protective covers when not using them in class – this includes when moving between classes and to and from locker areas.

We recommend the Higher Ground Flak Jacket which can be purchased at any good computer store or online.

Has the College considered the extra weight of bringing a personal device to school?

Yes. From 2016, an increasing number of the textbooks for students will be available electronically. (Particularly in 7-12). These textbooks will either be fully interactive online, in a pdf or as an epub format that can be downloaded to your child’s device. It is expected that the weight of the device (if kept under the recommended weight of 2.0 kg) will be significantly less than the weight of current textbooks.

When and how will my child’s device be used in class?

Students’ devices will be used in class where the teacher deems that its use will enhance the learning process and allow students to demonstrate and publish evidence of their learning. It is not expected that it will be used for every lesson.

What if my child’s personal device is stolen or damaged? What recourse can I take?

The College makes lockable lockers available, which should be used for storing personal devices that are not in use or kept on their person. Devices should be carried to and from school out of sight in a school bag, and it is strongly recommended that the device is at a minimum contained in a protective and waterproof sleeve to protect it from damage.

Parents are advised to organise appropriate insurance cover on devices brought to school. Check with your insurer that coverage extends to computers outside the home or during travel. You may be able to use Home and Contents insurance. Make a note of the device’s model number, serial number and sales receipt should you ever need to make a claim.

How will the College handle the potential distractions that having technology in the classroom brings?

The reality is that ICT does provide the potential for multiple distractions, both at school and at home. All of us face the challenge of developing self-control in avoiding these distractions, indeed it is a vital skill that for the 21st century workplace. As part of our Digital Citizenship course, pastoral care teachers will work with students in understanding and demonstrating appropriate use of technology at home and at school, and teachers are also being supported in integrating ICT in lessons in a manner than minimises the chance for student distraction. School and home both have a role to play in helping young people to self-regulate in these areas.

Will my child’s handwriting be affected by the use of devices in the classroom, and will this impact their HSC?

We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the excellent teaching and learning that is a feature of the College. As such, devices will be used in a pedagogically appropriate manner designed to enhance learning. They will not be the only educational tool used in our classrooms. Students will be expected to continue to write, using pen and paper when this is appropriate. We recognise that the external examinations which the students face in the Senior School still require this skill, and we are committed to giving the students practice to prepare them for examinations.

Has the school negotiated special pricing with preferred resellers?

To assist parents in selecting a suitable device and to also ensure best value for money, Penrith Anglican College and Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation has negotiated special pricing with some educational providers.

I am able to purchase a device cheaper at certain retail outlets other than via a preferred reseller. Should I purchase my child’s device from there instead?

It is important to ensure that you are comparing machines with similar specifications and support. Retail outlets often sell both low grade and high-grade consumer devices. Low-grade devices are cheaper as they generally are made from cheaper materials and components and they mostly have basic 1-year support options, which are not suitable for educational use.

Our Preferred Resellers will sell a small range of devices, and our 1:1 Learning program recognises and values the importance of choice. If you purchase your device from a retail outlet, ensure that it is a good quality device that meets the minimum requirements and has good support options. If you can find a better deal, go with it!

Can my child bring a tablet as their device?

Many tablets (including iPads) do not meet the College’s minimum specifications.

Does the College expect students to purchase specialised applications for different subjects?

No. All recommended or required software will be provided for installation on student devices. Some specialised software will be available at school on school devices

What technical support services are offered by the College’s IT Department?

The IT Department will assist students to connect to the College wireless network, to print, and access the internet and Penrith Anglican College online applications such as Office 365, CANVAS, Library etc.

The IT Department will have available a limited number of school devices that can be loaned for up to two weeks for a fee. This service is designed to give parents sufficient time to organise the repair or replacement of their child’s personal device.